Can you help a judo player?

You wouldn’t believe the number of high performance judo players who through no fault of their own need help, normally financial help. Could you help one of these judo players? I am not talking about regional or county champions, I am talking about world, European and commonwealth medallist who are trying to get a once in a life time chance to compete in the London Olympics. British judo was given £7,484,100 for this Olympic cycle plus £1,289,400 for paralympic judo yet we have athletes who are British number one, world and European medallists and receive no funding.

You might not be able to help financially but maybe you’re a physio who could provide some free treatment, or a doctor who could visit the club. It might be that you think you do not have any skills you can help with but their needs a large and varied, maybe you can write press releases, help edit videos? Maybe you could help fund raise.

The big question is, what do you get back? Maybe you would just really like to help GB win medals in London? Maybe you want some sort of media coverage or a motivational speaker? But in reality what you get from this is much more, you, or your business becomes associated with all that is good about sport, fair play, honesty, the building of character, triumph and graceful defeat. This are also high performance players so you become associate with self-sacrifice, hard work and excellence.

If you think you can help, or would just like to know more please email me.

One response to “Can you help a judo player?

  1. I judoka and coach and holder of several tournaments on my level and at the level of the Arab states in the weight of 66 kg and the current weight of 70 kg I can participate in any tournament I am from Syria and currently live in Egypt, I was born in 1974 I practice judo in 1983 I want to help us return again to my sport to prepare for the next Olympics in 2016 post Who will be held in Rio, or participate in tournaments with one of the European clubs. Thank you very much.

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