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Bob has been a British Judo Association coach since 1997. Prior to coaching, he spent 4 years on the army judo team competing in the UK, USA, Canada, Gibraltar and Spain. He left the army in 1999 to train as a full-time judo player under the guidance of Neil Adams (2 time Olympic Silver medallist) and stayed there for two years. Due to a shoulder injury, he stopped competing in 2001. When he left full-time training he studied for a BSc in Sports Sciences and graduated in 2004. Bob regularly assists with the training of the Eastern Area squads, attends England Squad training and National squad training with his players. In 2002 he was the assistant coach to the England judo team at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.

Bob was in the first group to complete the “judo degree” at the University of Bath and graduated with a Foundation Degree in Sports Performance, and a BSc (Hons) in Sports Performance,  these awards incorporate a European Judo Union Level 4 and Level 5 High-Performance Coach award respectively. He went on to study a PhD at Anglia Ruskin University, where he lectured for 11 years. His thesis considered the structure of lightweight women’s judo from a technical, tactical and time-motion perspective.

Bob was a Senior Lecturer for a variety of sports-related degrees and an MSc at Anglia Ruskin University. The Judo degree was based at Anglia Ruskin University from 2010 – 2016. This course yielded an FDSc and BSc in sports coaching as well as a European Judo Union Level 4 performance coach award and Level 5 High-performance coach award. Bob was the pathway leader for these courses.

He is also regularly coaching the army and combined services squads on training camps and at competitions. In 2008 Bob founded Anglia Ruskin Universities Judo club and ran a large judo programme at the university from 2010-2016. In their first year competing in the university team championships they came 5th in the team championships, in 2011 they won the British Universities and Colleges championships putting an end tot he 8 year reign of the University of Bath. In September 2007 Bob went to Rio de Janeiro to present research in Long-Term Player Development at the 5th International Judo Federation World Research Symposium. In 2009 he presented research comparing different methods of coaching judo to 9-11-year-olds at the 6th International Judo Federation World Research Symposium. He is a registered member of the International Association of Judo Researchers. In 2008 he also presented at the 2nd European Judo Union Children’s Seminar.

In 2018 Bob left Anglia Ruskin for a new career. He is currently working as a business coach for Pro-actions and manages two companies – Aerial Imagery Solutions and Kaizen Consulting and Training.


Coaching related qualifications to date:

★   2nd Dan

★   Judo Specific PhD

★   BSc Sports Sciences

★   FDSc Sports Performance

★   BSc (Hons) Sports Performance

★   Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning

★   Restraint and Arrest techniques Instructor (Army)

★   Sports coach UK courses include Fundamentals of movement, Long-term Athlete Development, child protection, A club for all, equity in coaching & Mentoring Sports coaches

★   Various qualifications in pre-hospital care above the required first aid qualification for coaching

★   Various mentoring courses associated with being a mentor for Living sport.



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