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Another great BUCS for Anglia Ruskin Judo

This weekend was once again the British University and Colleges championships and another very successful weekend for Anglia Ruskin University. The competition is fought over two days with individual championships fought on the Saturday and the Team Championships on the Sunday.

We had a strong squad of player this year with 13 players fighting. We also had a mix of kyu grades (coloured belts) and dan grades (black belts). For the first time this year we also had female fighters. We had a very successful day with three golds, and two bronze in the dan grades and two 5ths in the kyu grades. In total we had 58 fights in the individual competition with 40 wins, 37 of which were ippon! The medallists were –

Mike Stewart u66 dan grade GOLD

Adrian Markov u81 dan grade GOLD

Andre Cojuhari +100 dan grade GOLD

Johnathon Morris u81 dan grade BRONZE (only lost to Adrian)

Janaina Magalhaes u63 dan grade BRONZE

Brian Koehn u73 kyu grade 5th

Ishmael Tappaev u73 kyu grade 5th

I think in someways we were unlucky to have all three of our u81 dan grade men to end up on the same side of the draw, if not we could have maybe got gold, silver and bronze in that weight group. This is also our first female medal ever.

The team event on the Sunday say 16 universities in the mens section. The Anglia Ruskin team was aching from having so many fights on day one (25 fights between the 5 of them) and we lost our heavy weight forcing us to put in a reserve. We also withdrew our women’s team. The team was still strong:

u66 Mike Stewart

u73-90 Glenn MIller

u73-90 Adrian Markov

u73-90 Johhny Morris

+90 Josh Plant

We fought Aberdeen, Nottingham, Birmingham, Imperial, and Herriot Watt on our way to face Oxford in the final. The scores were:

Anglia Ruskin 5 Aberdeen 0

Anglia Ruskin 4 Nottingham 1

Anglia Ruskin 5 Birmingham 0

Anglia Ruskin 5 Imperial 0

Anglia Ruskin 4 Herriot Watt 1

Anglia Ruskin 3 Oxford 1 (there was one draw)

Overall on day two the team had 29 fights and 26 wins, 21 of these were ippon.

In total over the weekend Anglia Ruskin’s 13 players had 87 fights with 66 wins. Of these 66 wins 58 were ippon. For the second year running we have run the mens team championships, this year we also topped the medal table for the individual event and we won our first women’s medal.

Our university team can only win because of the great support we have had, in particular we would like to thank the following:

Fighting Films for providing the judo kits

Unisport UK for providing the stash

Susie Chesher for booking the accommodation

The students union who provided transport and entry

Most of all we would like to thank Dr Sheila Pankhurst – Head of Department of Life Sciences for support and funding of the entire judo project.

Some photos and videos will follow soon 🙂



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BUCS 2012

For me, the best judo competition of the year is the British University and Colleges Sports Championships or BUCS. You have around 25 sports competing over the week and once accredited you can go and watch whatever you want. The judo is fought on the Saturday and Sunday, individuals on the Saturday and teams on the Sunday.

One of the great things about BUCS is the variety in players, universities generally have a three year cycle so the players you see each year are always changing plus there is a lot more foreign players and every year at least one university turns up with someone special.

Last year Anglia Ruskin won the mens team event and got a gold and a silver in the individuals. of course I would love to win the mens team event again, we’ll see. For me the journey there is more interesting, last year we had to borrow white or blue belt off our opponent – how embarrassing going into the final of the team championships and having to ask your opposition (Loughborough) for belts! If nothing else we’re much better kitted out this year thanks to last years win, all players fighting in the team have two superstars fighting films kits with the uni logo embroider on it plus we have t-shirts etc

Our training has been very different too, last year we had a 2-3 week “beat up” where we intensified the training. This year we have been at a slightly lower intensity for about 8 weeks with a lot of competitions. The players have been very motivated and have bonded well. We have used video pretty affectively again.

Last year we had the British number one in the -73kg Danny Williams, he won every fight but we do not have him this year, he is in Japan preparing for London. We’ll see what affect this has.

Another development this year is that we have some women players, this is great and I am really hoping they do well.

We are at a new venue this year – Don Valley stadium. I really hope this venue is good, last year we were on the running track at the EIS and it was great. I just hope they haven’t ruined this great event by moving it somewhere poor.

So I guess we just have to wait and see, about 40 hours to the weigh in and the battle commences Saturday morning. I have looked at the teams and there are 10 on my ‘serious’ list and 4 of them go on my ‘seriously dangerous list’. Can we do better than last year? I’ll let you know 😉

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A good weekend for Ruskin Judo

This weekend five players from Anglia Ruskin competed in the London area University Championships held at Brunel University. We did well in terms of medals:

Dmitri Galaev – Gold

Ishmael Tappaev – Gold

Mike Stewart – Silver

Steve Squire – Bronze

Josh Plant – Bronze

More importantly the players fought really well, medals are nice but it is far better to see the player implementing the changes we are making to their judo.

On Sunday three players also fought in the Littlport senior championships. Mike Stewart won gold & Steve Squire won silver.

I haven’t got time to go into much detail as I am just heading out to the mighty Camberley JC for their randori night but I have made a short video of some of the ippons. Unfortunately none of Josh’s are on there, they were just too quick, the camera hadn’t started, in fact for one of them they had to restart the clock just to register a time (3sec).

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English open part 2

The English open was tough today.

First on was Glenn Miller who fought Abbas Salihu. The fight was going well, both players quite even but Abbas eventually won at full-time by two shidos. His next fight was against Nathaniel Alcaraz-Stapleton who could Glenn with a huge uchimata right at the start of the contest. This competition hasn’t changed my opinion of what I want to get Glenn working on next, I think he was just unlucky and still fatigued from last week.

Natasha fought Coralie Bonvin in her first fight, again the fight was going well but then Natasha was held down for ippon. Her second fight was a against a player she has fought a lot and never beaten – Emma Imrie, and she lost when her O Uchi Gari was countered for ippon. She did fight better against Emma though and I think both her fights had positive aspects too them. We have already decided what we want to go away and work on.

Next up was Mike Stewart, his first fight was a battle against Ian Bryne who trains at Camberley judo club.  The fight went the full five minutes and was a demonstration of some amazing agility on Mike’s part but just a warm up for what was to come. His second fight was a short fight with John Walters which Mike won with a strangle.

Mike’s 3rd fight was nothing short of amazing. It showed some outstanding gymnastic ability on Mike’s part and a very high attack rate on the part of his opponent – Jon Spencer. Mike twisted, spun and somersaulted off of a sode, several yoko tomoe nages, several uchimatas and so much more. The fight went to golden score and then to hantei but before the referees got the flags even they were applauding! It was obvious the flags were going to go to Jon Spencer but it was equally obvious that Mike’s ability to avoid being thrown provided much the entertainment. Quite a few referees, players and coaches congratulated the players on the fight after. In honesty I haven’t a clue right now what to work on with Mike next but it looks like we’re moving him to u66kg.

The last player on was Josh Plant, always small for the u100kg he said he found his first opponent – Adam Hall very strong. He lost to Adam and then fought Neil Corin in the repercharge. This was a good fight, Josh was winning but was caught by a maki komi near the end of the fight. Josh is possibly the easiest of the four to decide on what I want to work on next. This is not because his judo is bad, in fact it is very strong it is just that I have noticed areas to work on with him.

Overall a good weekend, two medals and a 5th in the British schools and some great fights today. I wasn’t expecting medals today as this is the first time any of them had competed at this level, Mike and Josh both finished 7th.


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The day of the underdog….

Last week was the British University championships. Over 100 universities competed in about 20 sports. The judo was contested over the weekend, Saturday was the Individual championships and Sunday was the team championships. There were 58 universities competing in the individual and 18 in the teams.

Anglia Ruskins first pool went well –

Strathclyde 5-0 to Anglia Ruskin (5 ippons)

Nottingham 5-0 to Anglia Ruskin (5 ippons)

Manchester 3-2 to Anglia Ruskin (2 ippons)

London Imperial 4-1 to Anglia Ruskin (4 ippons and a loss by yuko)

The knock out stage saw us against Birmingham who fielded a team with jut three players and did exceptionally well to get this far. They were led by Diego Scardone who is a good friend and a fantastic judo player. We beat them 4-1 and then had Edinburgh who had just beaten Bath, we beat them 4-1 with some tough fights.

In the final we faced Loughborough who are the number one sporting university in the UK (Anglia Ruskin are about 104th) but we were pretty confident and won 3-2.

I think us winning was a surprise to most people, I know Oxford were very confident and didn’t even medal, but we were pretty confident in out ability. All but one of our starting team have a senior GB ranking and he is French so wouldn’t try to get one. We also had a full team of reserves for the first time ever.

Some people are saying we only won because Bath had a weak team. I think their team was strong, not the strongest they’ve had but it wasn’t weak! So I looked at our stats for our starting team in both the team event and individual event. They fought in 59 fights between the 5 of them, they won 48 fights and lost 11, I think that is pretty good. I think they got 41 ippons in their 48 wins which also isn’t bad 🙂

We also won three medals int he individual, a gold for Danny Williams and Bronzes for Mike Stewart and Brian Koehn.

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