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The day of the underdog….

Last week was the British University championships. Over 100 universities competed in about 20 sports. The judo was contested over the weekend, Saturday was the Individual championships and Sunday was the team championships. There were 58 universities competing in the individual and 18 in the teams.

Anglia Ruskins first pool went well –

Strathclyde 5-0 to Anglia Ruskin (5 ippons)

Nottingham 5-0 to Anglia Ruskin (5 ippons)

Manchester 3-2 to Anglia Ruskin (2 ippons)

London Imperial 4-1 to Anglia Ruskin (4 ippons and a loss by yuko)

The knock out stage saw us against Birmingham who fielded a team with jut three players and did exceptionally well to get this far. They were led by Diego Scardone who is a good friend and a fantastic judo player. We beat them 4-1 and then had Edinburgh who had just beaten Bath, we beat them 4-1 with some tough fights.

In the final we faced Loughborough who are the number one sporting university in the UK (Anglia Ruskin are about 104th) but we were pretty confident and won 3-2.

I think us winning was a surprise to most people, I know Oxford were very confident and didn’t even medal, but we were pretty confident in out ability. All but one of our starting team have a senior GB ranking and he is French so wouldn’t try to get one. We also had a full team of reserves for the first time ever.

Some people are saying we only won because Bath had a weak team. I think their team was strong, not the strongest they’ve had but it wasn’t weak! So I looked at our stats for our starting team in both the team event and individual event. They fought in 59 fights between the 5 of them, they won 48 fights and lost 11, I think that is pretty good. I think they got 41 ippons in their 48 wins which also isn’t bad 🙂

We also won three medals int he individual, a gold for Danny Williams and Bronzes for Mike Stewart and Brian Koehn.

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