Quick note from Chelyabinks…

Just a quick post from Chelyabinks, the world championships starts tomorrow and today was the draw. It was a very lively event, very well run throughout. One thing that stood out for me though was the number of Brazilian players that were seeded for this event. They had at least one player in every weight category and the only two categories without a Brazilian player seeded were the -90kg and the -70kg. The vast majority of their athletes were top four seeds.

I did a quick search of Brazilian players on the WRL and there are only two groups that do not have Brazilian players in the top 10 in the world (-63kg Barros is 11th and -70kg Timo is 20th). That’s a pretty impressive preparation for a home Olympics in two years time. A huge difference to the preparation of the British team in the run up to London 2012.

There has been a lot of chat recently about the British only taking 4 players to this world championships, I niether agree nor disagree with this to be honest, I think it has it’s merits and pitfalls either way. I will try to blog on this at a later date.


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