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BUCS pre-training

So, it is nearly upon us! The British University and Colleges Championships 2014. Our men’s team are hoping to defend their three year reign and we’re also hoping our women’s team will medal for the first time ever. The good thing about judo is you just never know! Even through we’ve trained pretty hard we could go out in the first round. Anyway, below is the five weeks of training we have done in preparation. We’ve been pretty busy and just have to hope the hard work pays off 🙂 Unfortunately some of our key players are injured and won’t be able to fight but that’s just something we’ll have to get on with.

We have around 12 full-time athletes currently and we’re hoping this will raise to around 20. We feel 20 will give us enough to run strong sessions but few enough to be able to focus on individuals. Our full-time players are boosted over this period but he stronger kyu grades who will fight in BUCS, this year we’re taking our biggest team ever – 20 athletes and all have trained hard.

Here are some pictures of our training programme. Obviously we don’t just train like this for BUCS, our full-time athletes train throughout the year.

Microcycle 20 Jan - 3 feb 2014 Microcycle 3-9 Feb 2014

Microcycle 10-23 Feb 2014

Here are some pics of our training sessions throughout the five weeks 🙂

And here are some pics from the NHC open, one of our preparation events …

If you would like more information on the Anglia Ruskin Judo Programme please visit or email


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NHC Open

Today was the NHC open which is a GB ranking event. Anglia Ruskin took 15 players to this event as part of our BUCS preparation. We would usually only take dan grades to this level of event but all our players needed a ‘run out’ so we took the kyu grades too. The following players fought:

AASE players:

  • Tash GW – Gold in Junior and bronze in the senior
  • Sam – Gold
  • Ben Bronze

ARU players

  • Tara – gold
  • Mike – silver
  • Tash – Silver
  • Armani – Bronze
  • Matt – 5th
  • Chris – 5th
  • Claire
  • Nick
  • George
  • Henry
  • James
  • Ed

My highlight of the day was a cheeky little uchi-mata for ippon by Tash GW shown below 🙂


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New PhD student….

It is with pleasure I can announce the Anglia Ruskin Judo Research group has a new PhD student. Glenn Miller completed his undergraduate degree in Sports Sciences at Anglia Ruskin University and has decided to stay and complete an MPhil/PhD with us. Glenn came to Anglia Ruskin from Ernest Bevin Phoenix Judo club in 2010 and competed on our winning men’s team in BUCS 2011. He is currently a 2nd dan.

Illias Illiadis visits

Illias Illiadis visits – Glenn Miller on the right as you look at the picture.


Winning BUCS team 2011 – Glenn Miller Front row

Glenn’s final year project for his undergraduate degree was “A Technical Analysis of the 2013 Junior and Senior British Championships” and this work has been summarised for publication and is currently being reviewed. His postgraduate research will follow a similar theme and will consider a technical analysis of British judo players and then compare them to their international rivals to consider where GB judoka can make performance gains.

We now have three PhD students focussing on Judo research, the other two a me and Paul Robertson who is focussing on motor learning in judo. We also have 2-3 more hoping to sign up for judo related PhDs this year. Our judo research group started in October 2012; if you would like more information on our judo research please visit

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