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Programme for IAJR conference

Programme for IAJR conference

The programme for the IAJR conference has just arrived 🙂 Here is a screen shot 🙂


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August 22, 2013 · 10:07 am

International Association of Judo Researchers symposium 2013

Sunday the 25th August will be the 8th International Association of Judo Researchers symposium, this time in Rio de Janeiro. There is a symposium every two years at the same time as the world championships, the last one was in Paris in 2011.

I am not sure about the programme yet but as soon as I know I’ll post some info.

The Anglia Ruskin Judo Research group will be represented by the following:

Mike Callan (President of the IAJR & associate lecturer at ARU) & Danial Lascau – “Olympic Qualification; Top 8 Study ”

Bob Challis (Judo Programme manager) – I will present a poster based upon a small part of my PhD research titled – “A temporal Analysis of the women’s u52kg at the 2010 world championships.”

Katrina McDonald (Lecturer in Sports coaching) – Kat will be presenting a poster jointly with world and Olympic champion Maki Tsukada who is a visiting scholar at Anglia Ruskin University. The title of the poster is “Understanding the female judoka’s coach-athlete relationship: a British perspective”

Natasha Collins (judo programme administrator & AASE coach) & Bob Challis– will also present a poster, her title is “An analysis of Kumi Kata at the Junior and Senior British Championships 2013.”

Nick Fletcher (Student EJU level 4 coach award) – will also present a poster, his title is  “Likelihood of Competition Success by Judo Athletes from Accredited Clubs.”

The Anglia Ruskin Judo Research group was set up in 2012 and consists of academic staff from the university, visiting scholars and postgraduate students. For more information on the Anglia Ruskin Judo Research group or any element of our judo programme please visit or if you have a specific question please email


Here are some pictures from previous conferences….

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Karina Bryant Wins Bronze at Europeans

With the announcement of Karina Bryant’s retirement yesterday I wanted to reblog this post from May 2012. Karina is an amazing athlete and deserves our support in whatever she wishes to do now….


It’s taken a week and a half but I couldn’t let Karina’s bronze medal at the Europeans past without a post.

The Europeans were in Chelyabinks and Great Britain Sent 21 athletes, only one medalled – Karina Bryant. Sarah Clark and Sally Conway came 5th and 7th respectively.

It should be noted UK sport base their funding on Olympic, World and European medals. The funding is based upon potential to deliver at an Olympic games and this is derived from the World and European medals (of course there are other criteria). Funding for an Olympic cycle is therefore based upon performance in the previous cycle i.e. 2008-2012 funding was based upon our 2004-2008 performance in OG, worlds and Europeans. We should look at these and the ones through this present Olympic cycle.

2005 Euro – GBR won, 1G, 2S and 1B

2005 Worlds – GBR won 1G & 2S.


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