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The recent agreement of the university to fund a full-time judo coach post has got me to think more about the structure of the judo programme. It is a pretty large programme now and I have always envisaged it as a circular model where everything is even but now I feel I need to consider it from a more hierarchal perspective. This has also allowed me to consider how many people are currently involved in the judo programme and to consider where gaps are.

Here is how I have seen it previously…..

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 23.28.24

Now it is more hierarchal in nature…..

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 23.20.54

Some of these posts are not quite in place yet, for example the new head coach, the 10 postgrad students (currently two but will be 6-8 by Sept.), the two research assistant posts are probably a little way off although our current research assistant who is not a judo specialist is looking into some judo research. The AASE programme also doesn’t start until September (still time to sign up!).

The truth is that four years ago I went into the student union and asked to start a judo club, I new I wanted a holistic judo programme but I never thought it would grow so fast and this has only been possible because the university is so innovative and allows/supports it’s staff to develop their ideas.

From September the university should have roughly the following:

1 x judo programme manager

1 x full-time head coach

2 x assistant coach (one a member of lecturer staff and the other a Japanese visiting scholar)

2 x AASE coaches

15 x full-time athletes (Including those on AASE)

20+ recreational athletes

1 x judo programme administrator

150 kids being taught in our community programme

6-8 post graduate researchers (mainly doing PhDs or MPhils related to judo)

1 x team physiologist (intern)

1 x S&C coach

All of this in four years! Not bad 🙂 If you would like to know more about our judo programme then please have a look at our website or email


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