EJU level 4 coaching award Summer 2013

The summer block of the EJU level 4 performance coach award is fast approaching and preparation is frantic! It feels like we have only just finished out Easter block that saw Olympic champions Maki Tsukada and Alina Dumitru taking technical sessions they were joined by Darren Warner (GB coach), Jean-Claude Prierre (from IBSA) and Isamu Nakaura (professor at Kanoya University). The modules taught were applied pedagogy in judo, Planning for sport and Judo technical principles.

This summer we will have three cohorts doing six modules:

  • Year 1- Sports Physiology and Physiology for judo
  • Year 2- Sports Development and Talent Development Pathways
  • Year 3- Performance Analysis for Judo and Psychological Profiling for combat sports

The first years will also complete an online module in sports psychology and the year 2 and three students an online module in research methods.

Guest lecturers on this two week block include Deborah Gravenstein, Darren Warner, Lance Wicks, Neil Adams, Daniel Lascau and Envic Galea. We may also have some EIS psychologists coming.

I’ll post some more on the individual modules is I get time before the block starts, in the mean time here is some pics from previous blocks. There is more info on the EJU course at http://www.anglia.ac.uk/judo


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