EJU level 4 and 5 coaching qualifications

Thanks Dave, i’ll be blogging about our next block soon!

Advanced Apprenticeship Judo Blog

I just wanted to post about my experience of completing the level 4 qualification a few years ago. It’s around this time of year that Dr Mike Callan and Mr Bob Challis start looking for new students for their suite of qualifications. There have been a few blog entries on the judospace website recently and just thought I would add a few personal thoughts from my own experience as a student. I was apprehensive initially as I doubted my own judo ability and questioned wether I would be capable of completing the course. As well as the coaching qualification there was a foundation degree to complete. I had not participated in any form of higher education since leaving school so was a little nervous. I found the lectures very informative and received lots of help and advice from my tutors and Colleagues. The judo specific content was second to none…

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