Yuko or hansoku make?

So, a short video clip and poll again.


For those of you unfamiliar with the “new rules” here are some extracts before you watch the video.

FORBIDDEN: Grips of legs and blocking:
All direct attacks or blocking with one or two hands or with one or two arms below the belt are prohibited.
Punishment: First attack: HANSOKUMAKE

Leg grabs are allowed in several instances, one of these being….

AUTHORIZED: Grips of legs in sequence of technique
Grips of legs are authorized after a techniques if it is real and well differentiated in the time.
(Real technique is a technique whose intention is to make fall. the contrary to the false attack). Simultaneous or quasi-simultaneous attacks with grips of legs are prohibited.
Punishment : HANSOKUMAKE

Just to clarify there is no argument about cross guard or head position etc the justification by the referees was that this was sequential.







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6 responses to “Yuko or hansoku make?

  1. Bob, cant see the video as its private, i asked 4 different refs on the day and got 2 different answers LOL

  2. Uki passive in Jigotai; then Tori attacks direct leg grab; can’t see how a ref can call that sequential; its straight Hansoku make as I see it.

  3. Leigh Jackson

    It appears that Tori dove straight for the legs without a preceding attack, therefore Hansoku make (imo). However, its the referee that makes the final decision (whether we agree with it or not).

    • It is but that doesn’t mean they are always correct. I rarely complain about referees but i have two issues with this particular incident. Firstly I think it was blatantly obvious it was not a score and secondly we followed the only procedure we can, we called the referee in charge over and she discussed it with the referees and still none of them budged. This is a GB ranking event, and it has a huge affect on our whole performance programme when the wrong people are getting through.

      • Leigh Jackson

        Hi Bob, I agree that referees don’t always get it right and as they are generally human can make mistakes. However, when they are “blind” to their mistakes it benefits no one.

  4. Mark Waterhouse

    Hansoku Make

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