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Yuko or hansoku make?

So, a short video clip and poll again.


For those of you unfamiliar with the “new rules” here are some extracts before you watch the video.

FORBIDDEN: Grips of legs and blocking:
All direct attacks or blocking with one or two hands or with one or two arms below the belt are prohibited.
Punishment: First attack: HANSOKUMAKE

Leg grabs are allowed in several instances, one of these being….

AUTHORIZED: Grips of legs in sequence of technique
Grips of legs are authorized after a techniques if it is real and well differentiated in the time.
(Real technique is a technique whose intention is to make fall. the contrary to the false attack). Simultaneous or quasi-simultaneous attacks with grips of legs are prohibited.
Punishment : HANSOKUMAKE

Just to clarify there is no argument about cross guard or head position etc the justification by the referees was that this was sequential.







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