EJU level 4 summer 2012 block ends….

Following a very successful week one the second week of the summer block of the European Judo Union Level 4 coach award has ended. We have had a fantastic second week with two main guest lecturers – Prof Attilio Sacripanti and Prof Stanislaw Sterkowicz. Both of these are leading academics int he field of judo.

Attilio hold a PhD in Biomechanics and one in Nuclear physics, he is the worlds leading expert on biomechanics in judo. He taught three lectures over the second week.

Stanislaw has published 312 academic articles, including six books, he is the head of the department of combat sports at Krakow university and he also taught three lectures in the second week, both in physiology and biomechanics. Stanislaw is the creator of the Special Judo Fitness test that is used throughout the world.

Obviously the students also continued their S&C module with Core-Cambridge and the first years completed there Physiology modules.

Here are some pictures from week two:

The next block of the EJU level 4 coaching award will start in April. We will have a new intake that will stat their first module – Applied Pedagogy in Judo whilst our second year cohort do two modules – Planning for Sport and Technical Principles of Judo, our third year cohort will also do two modules –  Psychology for combat sports and Performance Analysis for judo. We will also hopefully recruit enough for a level 5 intake, they will complete a module in Long-term Athlete Development.

For more information on the EJU coach awards click here or email judo@anglia.ac.uk.


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