Blue or White?

Who would you give the ippon too?



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11 responses to “Blue or White?

  1. Reuben davison

    definitely blue

  2. What was the official result? – You missed off the decision in the clip, perhaps deliberately.
    (I went with blue)

  3. please don’t post what the answer not he day was as this might skew the result of the poll!!

  4. So… the official decision was blue and the poll agrees.

    One very interesting comment for me though came from a yellow belt who hasn’t done judo in ages. He said wazari blue and therefore white should be able to hold. He said White lands on his bum first and then rolls….

    Pause the video at 5 seconds πŸ™‚

    • keith merrick

      This is a difficult one to get on the day with one view at full speed and maybe not being in the best position, however, for me, blue attacks with right hand tai-otoshi type action which white anticipates very well putting his right leg over blues right leg and firmly plants his foot onto the mat, white then utilises his right foot to take control of blues action and applies a yoko-guruma type action (although not text book) and therefore white is the one that scores.

      • Mark Waterhouse

        πŸ™‚ I’ve just said (almost) the same on FB.

        From the referee’s position, it would have been very easy to see the initial attack from Blue but not the movement of white….from the refs POV, you see an attack from blue which results in movement from both players.

        Would make a great flash for the seminar πŸ™‚

  5. Bill Taggart

    As I was the referee in charge of the fight it’s nice to see so many people agreeing with my result for blue, 77% isnt a bad percentage

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