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Army Judo Skill Course

Last week was the annual army skills course at the Army School of Physical Training in Aldershot. Over the 5 days we offer a beginners skills course, and intermediate skills course and an advanced skills course, we also offer the BJA instructors award, the SCUK safeguarding children course, a grading and a referees course. Obviously this is a busy week.

Capt Geoff Chapman (RAPTC) led the beginners course, he took around 25 soldiers from novice to 6th kyu over the five days. It is interesting working with soldiers, they learn combat sports much quicker than the general public for obvious reasons.

I took the advanced group, this is really interesting. Predominantly dan grades but a huge mixture of ability. There are dan grades who haven’t done any judo for a year, maybe two and then full-time athletes who train around 20hrs per week – two of these fought in the last world champs. The first session was more of a “get back into judo” session based on uchikomi and nage komi, the main aim was to get some timing back in tot hose players who had been off a while whilst allowing the full-time players the chance to work hard.

I didn’t take all the session, I am aware there were players there who were much more technical than myself, I allowed them to take sessions, some on ne waza, some on kumi kata and one on movement/posture. One of the players, Sgt Abbas Salihu, competes for NGR and is an EJU level 4 performance coach. He train full-time at the University of Bath and is a member of the Royal Logistics corps. Other Sessions were taken by LCPL Johnny Morris of the Duke of Lancaster Regiment, they allow him to train full-time and are very supportive. He currently trains with Dr Andrew Moshanov.

The refereeing course was run by Alan Medley of the BJA refereeing commission. I think we qualified 4-5 referees.

The Instructors award was run by Kerry Finney and Dermot Heslop from the BJA technical team. They qualified around 6 new instructors.

I am waiting for some photos to be sent over, once I get them I’ll upload them 🙂


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