A good weekend for Ruskin Judo

This weekend five players from Anglia Ruskin competed in the London area University Championships held at Brunel University. We did well in terms of medals:

Dmitri Galaev – Gold

Ishmael Tappaev – Gold

Mike Stewart – Silver

Steve Squire – Bronze

Josh Plant – Bronze

More importantly the players fought really well, medals are nice but it is far better to see the player implementing the changes we are making to their judo.

On Sunday three players also fought in the Littlport senior championships. Mike Stewart won gold & Steve Squire won silver.

I haven’t got time to go into much detail as I am just heading out to the mighty Camberley JC for their randori night but I have made a short video of some of the ippons. Unfortunately none of Josh’s are on there, they were just too quick, the camera hadn’t started, in fact for one of them they had to restart the clock just to register a time (3sec).


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  1. good article, keep the work up!

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