Kakari Geiko

Kakari Geiko is something I have used for sometime. For a long time I didn’t know the Japanese name and just called it situational randori. I use quite a few different situations and have listed some below off the top of my head but would be interested in getting other peoples ideas to see if there are other situation I can develop. Please comment and add you ideas.

  • Last 30 secs (winning, losing, winning/losing by wazari, winning/losing yuko, winning/losing penalties etc)
  • No counters
  • No sutemi waza
  • Edge play (inside/outside etc)
  • Kumikata only (normally include ashiwaza)
  • Defending against drop seoi
  • Attacking ‘off the grip’
  • Defending against a high collar grip
  • Transition

Please add you ideas 🙂



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