a public thank you….

Just a short thank you to the Arches road garage in Rugby.

On my way to a commission meeting in Walsall today my oil light came on so I did what i thought you’re supposed to do and put oil in. Then my car died! It appears your oil light also comes on when there is too much oil 😦 So not only did my car have too much oil in it I added some lol

Anyway, I google searched local garages and the third one I rang was Arches road garage who said it sounded like a head gasket but if I could get the car there they’d try and find time to have a look. When I got there they were very busy but noticing my judo t-shirt he made room for me, his brother does judo πŸ™‚

They drained the oil for me and only charged Β£10 πŸ™‚

So the moral of this story, is that the oil light doesn’t always mean it needs more oil and wear judo stash to make friends !


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