National Team Championships

So the day is nearly upon us. In my opinion the National Team Championships is the second most enjoyable in the country (BUCS being the most enjoyable!).

This year I will once again be coaching the combined services team (Army, Airforce and Navy). This team has medalled in the past but never won it as far as I can remember. Unfortunately this year we will not be entering a women’s team so it is all down to the men.

I think we have a good chance, every member of our A team is a full-time judo player and all are very experienced. our line up looks like this:


66kg – Lewis Keeble

73kg – Johnny Morris

81kg – Emanuel Nartey

90kg – Victor Ahavior

+100 – Chris Sherrington

Whilst this is a very strong team you cannot bet on the national teams. It is so unpredictable. So we will have to wait and see 🙂


I also have a 52 player from my club, Natasha Collins, representing the East. It will be interesting to see how they get on.

I’ll update on twitter (@judobob) throughout the day and try to blog too.


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