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Fantasy Judo

Just a quick message. All judo players should be playing fantasy judo for this weekends grand slam in Moscow.

Just go to


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Endnote software

Anyone who has been to university knows that writing a bibliography or reference page is a pain in the arse. Our university provdes refworks software as a bibliographic tool but I decided I wanted to use endnote.

This software is “cite n write’ software, all I have to do is press shift + cmd + E when writing in pages  to open a searchable library on my laptop. I type the first few letters of the author or title and it is found. The all I do is click “insert” and the reference is inserted into the text and the reference page.

It’s actually really easy once you have it, you just set up google scholar and other data bases to import the citation into endnote. The only problem is the papers you already have. In theory you just drag them in and endnote looks at the DOI info embedded and grabs the referencing info. In practice though many of mine didn’t do this, maybe because they’re too old or maybe because the authors haven’t embedded the info. It is pretty frustrating but I am sure it won’t take too long to sort out.

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The many roles of a coach – 42 things you must know and do! (via cblilwebspace)

A post from a colleague and former student about grassroots coaching…

The many roles of a coach - 42 things you must know and do! I previously blogged about the roles of a grassroots coach however after sitting down and thinking about it I believe that there are actually many more things that a coach needs to do and know in order to successfully run a grassroots team. As grassroots sport is one of the most important stages of an athlete's career as this is generally the stage where they learn the basics of the sport and are able to learn new things very quickly. During this … Read More

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Some pictures from Turkey

Turkish Olympic committee building, the European championships and the Turkish Combat sports centre including session with Daniel Lascau and coaching Turkish international juniors.

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