Turkey so far….

The aim of this block of teaching was to deliver three modules whilst at a European championships, this allows us to integrate the students with the European Judo Union at their pinnacle event of the year.

We arrived in Turkey on Monday and teaching started Tuesday. To be honest Tuesday was a bit of a nightmare. The dojo was a long way from the hotel and this caused many travel issues. Although it was only 40km Turkish traffic is notoriously bad and the journey (on a metro and some buses) took nearly 3hrs. We did the mat session, led by Jeugen Klinger and then returned to the hotel. I was wondering what I was doing at this point!

Wednesday we did some lectures, fortunately we were at the Turkish Olympic building and everything ran pretty smoothly. We have lectures from Jeugen Klinger and Hrvoje Lindi, Dr Mike Callan and myself. Later in the day we went to the official hotel for accreditation and had the process explained to us by EJU sports director Densign White. We were then invited into the referees meeting by Jan Snijders (EJU refereeing Director) and then into the Draw by Daniel Lascau.

The four days of judo have been tough (team finals on right now!) i will blog about the actual judo later but need time to reflect. The students have worked hard throughout the competition. They rotated around three stands, the first of which was shadowing an EJU member of staff the showed the refereeing commission, Judo check/backnumber check and competition control. I have to say the refereeing commission was by far the most interesting and students were generally amazed at how they worked.

On another day they worked with the performance analysis teams of GBR, FRA, GER and JAP. They helped to code fights live using the dartfish software. The final stand for the students was a marketing stand for the EJU level 3, 4, 5 and 6 coaching awards. We have 70 people interested in these awards and several nationas wishing to send their national coaches, players or cadet coaches.

We have a long week ahead, two days of lectures at the Turkish Olympic centre and then a day on the mat Wednesday with Danial Lascau (EJU vice president and former world champion) and then student assessments for the rest of the day.

I’ll try and blog more later and add some pictures too 🙂



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3 responses to “Turkey so far….

  1. MATT

    Jealous as hell Bob! Sounds like it’s been stressful, but bet the students are having a great time….totally immersed in it all.

    Get video of Daniel’s sessions on the mat – would love to see them…

    Miss the studying now!

  2. deidre hamaguchi

    “JAP??!!#$@” Seriously? In this day and age??
    If this IS in fact the abbreviation used on the backs of Japanese judokas’ gis, it is beyond offensive; it is outright racist. Why haven’t the Japanese team complained? Because they refer to their country as “Nippon,” not “Japan,” and it is unlikely that anyone has ever insulted them by calling them a “Jap.” However, “Jap” is used as a derogatory term, and those of us who are of Japanese descent and speak English as our first language find it unacceptable, mate.
    Rather than debate that FACT, not opinion, and provide a litany of historical background, I will offer an incredibly simple solution:

    Use the SAME abbreviation that is used at the Olympic Games: JPN

    Duh! I though we judoka were more globally aware and intelligent…

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