Not really sure what to do….

So my previous post was very positive about my weekend in Sheffield at the British Schools championships and the English open. Unfortunately though there was one incident that I found very disappointing and actually made me quite angry. The truth is I am not overly sure what to do about.

One of my players was fighting in the bronze medal match in the British schools. He is 11yo and an orange belt. The fight was a tough fight and he was doing well, both kids had a score but I am not sure what it was now and they had entered golden score. My player was caught with an o uchi gari, I think he thought he had got off of it, I though he had anyway. He got up and the referee gave the other child a score and the match was over. The children bowed and the other child came over to shake my players hand but he refused and stomped off. I told he to go back and shake hands but he wouldn’t, I don’t think he even bowed.

He went off tot he seating area in a paddy and i waited in the arena because I had other players waiting to fight and to be honest didn’t want to discuss it while we were both agitated still. Whilst irate in the arena I started to think of a suitable punishment. I couldn’t really think of a suitable one. I don’t want to ban him or even suspend him, I think exclusion isn’t going to solve anything so i have gone along the lines of child labour! So far I have him creating a large spread sheet based upon our membership forms of all the members names, phone numbers, grades etc I already have one but it is a bit out of date.

Can anyone think of any more relevant punishments? Maybe I have been a bit harsh and he doesn’t deserve one? Please comment.



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4 responses to “Not really sure what to do….

  1. Jess Black

    Definitely needs a sanction. What about chin ups as it will give him lots to think about as well as helping to make him too strong to be thrown. But he does need to know that respect is an integral part of judo and that losing and dealing with it will only make him stronger in the end.

  2. Paul

    Hi Bob, just lifted the following off of the BJA website and, might be worth getting him to read through it:-

    Contest Judo is derived from techniques that were traditionally used in Japan to kill or severely injure opponents on the battlefield – these techniques have been refined and modified and contest rules have been applied to make them safe.
    There are even benefits in defeat though as the sport lays great emphasis on discipline and self-control – it is rare indeed to see a player ungracious in defeat at any level from Club training to International competition. A handshake almost always follows the traditional courteous rei (bow) at the end of a contest and the defeated player, though perhaps disappointed with the result, remains respectful of the winner.
    Even at the end of a practice, the bow tells both parties that they are finished and that the other person is not about to attack them. This extends to contests or Randori, the bow at the start can act as a trigger; from that point on the other person needs to be aware that the match has started and they need to defend themselves. Aggressiveness can be expressed/released during this time. At the end of the fight/randori the bow identifies the end of this period where being aggresive is acceptable. Players turn off the attack mode and all emotional content stops. Think of it as a off switch to the required aggression required to fight with another person.
    I appreciate it must be difficult for a spirited judoka to accept defeat in such a way.

  3. Els

    Can’t you just warn him that next time he WILL be suspended? You will have to follow through though, if it happens again…

  4. Big Lee

    Interesting read , also had to deal with this once or twice, tried before to deal with it at the side of the mat, but that always ends up worse than better and depends on the kid, I now deal with it back at the club, just when they think that you have forgot about the incident and you get the opportunity to have a quiet word, no punishment for doing it as I don’t think it makes a difference to them, but i always find that letting them no that they let themselves down and not only themselves but the club, the coaches and the other players that represent the club, also I tell them that that is not the way that we expect our players to act and if it happens again that they may not be allowed to travel to other comps, dont know if this helps but if not I also find that 100 CAT DIPS helps to focus the mind (lol)

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