Sometimes the players know best…

I posted yesterday on what was a tough days training. Today was our final day of training for the British university champs and I had a lactate removal session planned for the morning and a speed session for the afternoon, both mat based.

I knew yesterday was tough but I didn’t expect two text message before 9am saying I am too knackered to come in, can I come in just for the afternoon? This didn’t bother me at all, I like the fact they feel they have a choice. One other player just didn’t turn up, we now know he just didn’t wake up.

For those that did turn up this morning I didn’t even go on the mat, I let them go on and work with each other, bounce ideas off each other and just generally get moving. I popped in every so often and they were working very well.

They were all there for the afternoon session, those that had done the morning session seemed much fresher but it was good to have them all there. I again let them self regulate the intensity, I was on the mat but only really observing and encouraging exploration of ideas.

I think sometimes as coaches we try too hard to control the training, I am work with quite an exceptional group of players with a large mix of experience. I think they have self-regulated well and now that our final training session is done all I can do is wait and see what happens.


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