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Not really sure what to do….

So my previous post was very positive about my weekend in Sheffield at the British Schools championships and the English open. Unfortunately though there was one incident that I found very disappointing and actually made me quite angry. The truth is I am not overly sure what to do about.

One of my players was fighting in the bronze medal match in the British schools. He is 11yo and an orange belt. The fight was a tough fight and he was doing well, both kids had a score but I am not sure what it was now and they had entered golden score. My player was caught with an o uchi gari, I think he thought he had got off of it, I though he had anyway. He got up and the referee gave the other child a score and the match was over. The children bowed and the other child came over to shake my players hand but he refused and stomped off. I told he to go back and shake hands but he wouldn’t, I don’t think he even bowed.

He went off tot he seating area in a paddy and i waited in the arena because I had other players waiting to fight and to be honest didn’t want to discuss it while we were both agitated still. Whilst irate in the arena I started to think of a suitable punishment. I couldn’t really think of a suitable one. I don’t want to ban him or even suspend him, I think exclusion isn’t going to solve anything so i have gone along the lines of child labour! So far I have him creating a large spread sheet based upon our membership forms of all the members names, phone numbers, grades etc I already have one but it is a bit out of date.

Can anyone think of any more relevant punishments? Maybe I have been a bit harsh and he doesn’t deserve one? Please comment.



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English open part 2

The English open was tough today.

First on was Glenn Miller who fought Abbas Salihu. The fight was going well, both players quite even but Abbas eventually won at full-time by two shidos. His next fight was against Nathaniel Alcaraz-Stapleton who could Glenn with a huge uchimata right at the start of the contest. This competition hasn’t changed my opinion of what I want to get Glenn working on next, I think he was just unlucky and still fatigued from last week.

Natasha fought Coralie Bonvin in her first fight, again the fight was going well but then Natasha was held down for ippon. Her second fight was a against a player she has fought a lot and never beaten – Emma Imrie, and she lost when her O Uchi Gari was countered for ippon. She did fight better against Emma though and I think both her fights had positive aspects too them. We have already decided what we want to go away and work on.

Next up was Mike Stewart, his first fight was a battle against Ian Bryne who trains at Camberley judo club.  The fight went the full five minutes and was a demonstration of some amazing agility on Mike’s part but just a warm up for what was to come. His second fight was a short fight with John Walters which Mike won with a strangle.

Mike’s 3rd fight was nothing short of amazing. It showed some outstanding gymnastic ability on Mike’s part and a very high attack rate on the part of his opponent – Jon Spencer. Mike twisted, spun and somersaulted off of a sode, several yoko tomoe nages, several uchimatas and so much more. The fight went to golden score and then to hantei but before the referees got the flags even they were applauding! It was obvious the flags were going to go to Jon Spencer but it was equally obvious that Mike’s ability to avoid being thrown provided much the entertainment. Quite a few referees, players and coaches congratulated the players on the fight after. In honesty I haven’t a clue right now what to work on with Mike next but it looks like we’re moving him to u66kg.

The last player on was Josh Plant, always small for the u100kg he said he found his first opponent – Adam Hall very strong. He lost to Adam and then fought Neil Corin in the repercharge. This was a good fight, Josh was winning but was caught by a maki komi near the end of the fight. Josh is possibly the easiest of the four to decide on what I want to work on next. This is not because his judo is bad, in fact it is very strong it is just that I have noticed areas to work on with him.

Overall a good weekend, two medals and a 5th in the British schools and some great fights today. I wasn’t expecting medals today as this is the first time any of them had competed at this level, Mike and Josh both finished 7th.


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English open part 1

English open is about to start, weigh in was at 0630am and the fighting is starting at 10am.

We have three players representing Anglia Ruskin – Josh Plant (-100), Glenn MIller (-73) and MIke Stewart (-60), we also have Natasha Collins (-52) representing Comberton Judo Club. This is a tough competition though and these are young players so we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Back later 🙂

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The day of the underdog….

Last week was the British University championships. Over 100 universities competed in about 20 sports. The judo was contested over the weekend, Saturday was the Individual championships and Sunday was the team championships. There were 58 universities competing in the individual and 18 in the teams.

Anglia Ruskins first pool went well –

Strathclyde 5-0 to Anglia Ruskin (5 ippons)

Nottingham 5-0 to Anglia Ruskin (5 ippons)

Manchester 3-2 to Anglia Ruskin (2 ippons)

London Imperial 4-1 to Anglia Ruskin (4 ippons and a loss by yuko)

The knock out stage saw us against Birmingham who fielded a team with jut three players and did exceptionally well to get this far. They were led by Diego Scardone who is a good friend and a fantastic judo player. We beat them 4-1 and then had Edinburgh who had just beaten Bath, we beat them 4-1 with some tough fights.

In the final we faced Loughborough who are the number one sporting university in the UK (Anglia Ruskin are about 104th) but we were pretty confident and won 3-2.

I think us winning was a surprise to most people, I know Oxford were very confident and didn’t even medal, but we were pretty confident in out ability. All but one of our starting team have a senior GB ranking and he is French so wouldn’t try to get one. We also had a full team of reserves for the first time ever.

Some people are saying we only won because Bath had a weak team. I think their team was strong, not the strongest they’ve had but it wasn’t weak! So I looked at our stats for our starting team in both the team event and individual event. They fought in 59 fights between the 5 of them, they won 48 fights and lost 11, I think that is pretty good. I think they got 41 ippons in their 48 wins which also isn’t bad 🙂

We also won three medals int he individual, a gold for Danny Williams and Bronzes for Mike Stewart and Brian Koehn.

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just a quick post

Just a quick post from the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield. It has been an amazing weekend for Anglia Ruskin judo, we won a gold and two bronze in the individual event on Saturday and today, in the team event, we won Gold. team bath have won gold in the judo for the past 8 years.

Also, in the individuals, Natasha Collins from Comberton judo club won silver in the womens u52, she represents Leeds Met University but travelled with us as they don’t have a judo team.

I will post more, with photos when I get home. We have a lot of photos and videos to share.

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Sometimes the players know best…

I posted yesterday on what was a tough days training. Today was our final day of training for the British university champs and I had a lactate removal session planned for the morning and a speed session for the afternoon, both mat based.

I knew yesterday was tough but I didn’t expect two text message before 9am saying I am too knackered to come in, can I come in just for the afternoon? This didn’t bother me at all, I like the fact they feel they have a choice. One other player just didn’t turn up, we now know he just didn’t wake up.

For those that did turn up this morning I didn’t even go on the mat, I let them go on and work with each other, bounce ideas off each other and just generally get moving. I popped in every so often and they were working very well.

They were all there for the afternoon session, those that had done the morning session seemed much fresher but it was good to have them all there. I again let them self regulate the intensity, I was on the mat but only really observing and encouraging exploration of ideas.

I think sometimes as coaches we try too hard to control the training, I am work with quite an exceptional group of players with a large mix of experience. I think they have self-regulated well and now that our final training session is done all I can do is wait and see what happens.


Please feel free to comment 🙂

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Tough day today….

As part of the pre-training for BUCS today was one of the tougher training days for the team.

The day started with an interval session, 10 x 200m with 2mins rest in between. They got an 8 min rest between the 5th and 6th sprint.

This afternoon was a tactical based judo session, it was based upon gripping strategies and edge play as well as a little on transition. The players all had a classroom based session ont his last night and this was a chance to put it into practice.

Tonight we are off to a local club for randori, some players have opted out as they have pick up small injuries, I think this is fine, I like players to know themselves and self pace their pre training.


As for my marking, well none of that is done yet, any volunteers?

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