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EJU Level 4 & 5 – Week one


This week has seen the first week of the new European Judo Union Level 4 and 5 coaching awards being held at Anglia Ruskin University

This course differs from any other course in the world. It is academic in the sense that it is a FdSc or BSc in sports coaching, it is also practical int he sense that we are teaching people to coach in an applied environment. The real differences lie in the students though, the students are either experienced coaches to very experienced athletes. Most attend this course because they have a passion for development as a coach and almost all of them are mature students. The students have a wealth of knowledge already and therefore they learn as much from each other as they do from the course.

Our task [as staff]is to develop this experience and teach the students to apply research and academic knowledge to their experiences and future coaching. You could think of it like this, most coaches will take an athlete and develop that athlete based upon their experience of the technique and the athlete. But what is their knowledge of that technique isn’t vast enough? What if it is wrong? What we’re trying to do is teach the student to also use the wide variety of research in this area, so in this example biomechanical research.

On this two week block the first years have been learning about coaching pedagogy. They have learnt how people learn, how people understand and how to lead/manage athletes, how to adapt your coaching for different learning styles. One of the things they discovered is that they already use many of the recommended strategies they just didn’t know why they did it. Now, by understanding why they do it, they can develop themselves as coaches.

Another difference with this course is the staff, of course we use all the regular Anglia Ruskin staff but there are also many judo specific members of staff brought in such as Dr Mike Callan, Dr Andrew Moshanov, Emanuela Pierantozzi, and Roy Inman. Staff profiles for all the members of staff teaching on this block can be downloaded here.

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