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British Judo… some thoughts

There are a lot of people having a bash at the performance of British Judo recently and I am not sure how good this is for British judo so I thought I would look at the stats and see what they tell us. I thought it would be best to look at 2009 and 2010 as this is pretty much when the new structure came into play and I am only looking at competitions where medals would give world ranking list points. From May 2010 these points will be for Olympic qualification and ranking. GB have automatically qualified a fully team but ranking and thus seeding is very important. So here we go….

In 2009 11 players won 15 medals at this level. Not bad. However a closer look shows that nine of these medals were won at the GB world cup where we can field more players, we have a home advantage and attendance isn’t great.

Of the 11 players that medalled six players and ten medals were from the Ratho judo club, two players and two medals were from Camberly Judo club, two players and two medals were from the university of Bath. I am not sure about one player – Alex Farbon. He is originally from Pinewood judo club, he won a bronze at the GB world cup.

In 2009 we won a single medal at the world championships in Rotterdam, this was Karina Bryant (compared to a silver & a bronze in Rio 2007; a gold a two silvers in Cairo 2005; two silvers and a bronze in Osaka 2003). Karina is from Camberly JC.

We also only won one European championship medal, Sarah Clarke won silver (compared to no medals in 2008; two bronzes in 2007; two golds and two bronze in 2006).

So 11 players, 15 medals and not one player from the British judo performance institute …… I am not having a bash I am just stating fact.

Oh and at the top I said I would include 2010, so far we have no medals in 2010, but we may get some tomorrow 🙂

Is it wrong to challenge the performance with only 895 days to go? Is it possible to have a cut off and say all the funding will go to the institutes producing medals?



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