Paris Tournament, lessons learnt

So what has been learnt from the tournoi de Paris? Well firstly I definitely think we should have people meet judo spectators at the airport, I’m sure LOCOG will do this but I think we should ensure judo people are there, with some sort of goodies to get them in the mood. Secondly I would say wifi, free for everyone so that people can blog and use twitter etc to keep everyone up-to-date, it would also mean they could follow pools and draws easily.

Several other things come to mind-

  • Easy access to paper copies of the draw
  • In Paris the children were given little cards with players pictures so they could go autograph hunting, I think this was also good.
  • The announcers in Paris were also very good, made people want to watch.
  • The score boards gave people information on the fighters when the walked out, their best medal etc.
  • Good use of the interval with music, video and of course the judo gymnasts 🙂

I couldn’t finish without a mention for the crowd! The DJ guy in his little booth kept them going throughout and good tell when they needed some encouragement. He also ensured there was never long gaps when nothing was happening, for example at one point there was only one mat fighting and there was a medical on it, the DJ used this time to play so tunes and get the crowd going. There were mexican waves, lights, horns, all sorts.

Well, I guess the next big trip will be Rotterdam followed by the GB world cup. See you there!


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