Paris Tournament, day 2 part 1

It’s not the interval between the eliminatory rounds and the semi finals. We once again had the judo/gymnastics guys, this time with a different show but just as entertaining.

I arrived slightly late today and one thing I noticed was just how quickly you can get in here. At the GB world cup in Birmingham they insist on checking you bags and they remove stuff like flasks saying they could be used as weapons, I find this ridiculous and today reinforces this.

Another thing I have noticed in the interval periods is the use of music, very loud music, from the live DJ that does the drums to get a response from the crowd during the fights. There has also been more paper aeroplanes today but I have yet to see one land on the mat.

One highlight today was the crowds reaction to Teddy Rinner, unbelievably noisy and then the fight went to golden score to eventually win by hantei – don;t British crowds get like this? OK, obviously we don’t have a Teddy Rinner but our crowds could be more passionate.


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