Paris Tournament day 1, part 2

Well the judo is over and I’m back at my hotel. Unfortunately there is no wireless in Bercy stadium, another point for 2012! We need wireless.

This blog is not particularly about the judo but I have to say that Jan fought very well today and was unlucky not to win his second fight.

Overall the day continued well, shopping was good with plenty of different stools/stands to get stuff from and the seating was surprisingly comfortable compared to other venues but I think a “could do better” label will describe it well.

At most major championships they have a “half time” presentation type thing in the interval between the end of the preliminary rounds and the semi finals. In the 2003 worlds in Osaka this was a mix of traditional judo stuff and samauri stuff with some traditional drums, in Cairo, 2005, it was some traditional Egyptian dancing and drums (they wore their shoes on the mat causing chaos!), in the Rio (2007) there was quite a spectacle using using all sorts of music and dance but none of them were like today…… a mix of judo, gymnastics and dance by about 10 guys in judo kits. It was fun, looked great, and the crowed loved it! I loved it and I normal find these interval pieces quite boring. I only wish I had brought a camera because it would be on youtube by now!

The video screen was put to good use, it is a very clear picture and has a 5 second time delay. Obviously tends to focus on the French fights but was very useful.


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